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Hi, All!

I've been doing my best to read all threads on the SA Pistol forums over the last week, and I'm fairly certain I'm in the right spot even though I'm not sure if I'm going about this intro the right way.

I've enjoyed reading everything thus far, and really appreciate the apparent good posture displayed by several forum members. I know I can count on good advice, and good feedback, even if sometimes tempered with a great deal of humor. I'm here to learn, and I'll try not to ask a question that may have already been asked (and answered) here.

My wife was given a new handgun last year by her employer, and she really does need to learn how to use one, and she should be carrying, if not in her purse, or in her person, at least in her car. She handles some cash for her employer, and works in just about the worst part of this fine metropolis we call Houston. The first gun he gave her was a new Glock (model unknown), and we never took the time to learn anything about it. Never took it out.

He later took that gun back, and gave her what I believe to be a Bersa, but, alas, we never took it out either, and she's likely going to just give it back or sell it. Our home flooded over Memorial Day, and everything we own is still packed in a container on my driveway, as we are not back into the house yet. (Hopefully this weekend.). I will get that gun out, and see what it is, but until I started researching handguns this summer, I admit my total ignorance.

Two weeks ago, we did go to an indoor range, took a short lesson on basic pistol do's and dont's, and between the two of us, we shot 100 rounds through two different Glock 9mm's - just to get our feet wet.

She is not likely to join the forum, but I will encourage her to check it out. All she knows (so far), is she wants a gun that goes BOOM BOOM, not Bang Bang, and she wants a semiauto, of course. That's about the stent if her knowledge, and, being a woman, anything anybody she works with is likely going to carry more weight than anything I try to tell her. Such is life.

Personally, I'm not in LE either. I'm a service consultant. (Automotive.)

My dad is from East Texas, I was born and raised in the greater Houston area, with strong ties to south east Texas, having lived my whole life here. Hunted a lot until I was into my 30's, but I haven't hunted now in 25 years, and never have spent much time around handguns. Used to deer hunt with hounds and shotguns back when I was still too little to shoot, but once laws changed, did all of my deer killin' with rifles from stands. Fortunate to have hunted in good company and on a great lease in Walker County for many memorable years back then, and we self processed an awful lot of deer meat back then.

I'm sold on the Springfield Armory line of handguns, as evidenced here in this forum, they are obviously a lot of bang for the buck. A Glock may be a fine commodity, as I haven't heard anything negative about them, but they do seem to be so generic as to not hold my interest. I know I'm going to eventually have a SA 1911, still sorting through which model. Just this week, reading this forum, the Range Officer (in any format) certainly sounds like a more desirable model now than before I joined his forum. Operators and Loaded models have obvious appeal, as does the EMP model. I'll have to shoot some, and try a Light Weight and Compact, too, to see what I really want, but I know I can count on good advice here.

An XD model is likely in our future, too, and our first purchase will likely be a variant of that line. (Mod 2?)

I would like us to make "shooting" a regular activity, and hope we can turn this into something we can enjoy together. Again, primary purpose is to be personal defense, home defense, and unless things we see on the nightly news suddenly become reality in our own lives, I'm not likely to carry, unless I just keep on in my truck. She may someday purse carry.

So far, and not to single anyone out here, but the biggest question I've got about this forum is how am I supposed to pronounce "Pokute"? Is it "Po-Cutie", "Po-Cute", or "Poke-U-T"?

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Welcome to the forum! Lots of meat to process in your first post. Starting at the bottom, pokute is pronounced poke-teh, spoken quickly. It's an enigmatic and useless creature that frequents places where people are likely to trip over it.

As for SA's, yep, the Range Officer line are super bargains. And the MilSpec is the single best bargain in a 1911, bar none. The EMP would be a great gun if it were chambered in 45, but fitted out with some Raasco thin grips your wife might find it a gun worth taking the time to master. Er, mistress... Er, uh, well... Yeah.

Before settling for a wonder nine, make sure that you are using a proper, high, thumbs forward hold on whatever guns you are evaluating, and have a good solid isosceles stance that allows you to balance the tension in ALL your muscles when you shoot. Look at YouTube videos of Julie Golub shooting, but beware of the stiff arms that competition shooters use, because it is a trick that is hard to master and is not appropriate for learning to shoot. Hold your arms with a relaxed bend, don't grip the gun so hard that you shake, and focus all your attention on the front sight.

My daughter was 16 and weighed 75 pounds when I taught her to shoot a full size 1911. Of course, that was after two years shooting a good 22. For about the price of a Loaded, you can get a Range Officer or MilSpec and a Nelson Custom 22 Conversion unit and be all set for quality range time and confident self defense.

For a second there I thought you said you were into leather.


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Texas, Texas, Texas...

This is not the Texas forum. I'll let Clarence explain what this forum is about:

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