New M1A - Maint advice?

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  1. JJG2002

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    Good morning Gentlemen, I have recently acquired a pristine Squad Scout in composite black. The opportunity came up suddenly and I pounced on it.

    It came in a cardboard box with a 5 round magazine and the owners manual. Nothing else.

    My question is: What accessories, cleaning devices and fluids do I need to keep this puppy well fed and happy?

    What do I need to know about types and sizes of ammo to shoot or NOT to shoot.

    I appreciate your help here. Just wanting to get started out right and figured you guys are the experts. Thanks in advance.
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    Experts?? I'm no expert :eek: :D. What caliber is it?? What kind of action is it??? Bolt,semi auto,lever??? I've never heard of that particular gun myself but maybe somebody else on here has.

  3. SA_Shooter

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    name calling will not inspire us to help. "Gentlemen", indeed. :D

    So got any more specs on that firearm you can share?

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Silly me. I must have thought I was in the Mind-Readers forum.
    It's a Springfield Armory, M1A, Squad Scout, in 7.62x51mm (.308) semi-auto, 18 inch barrel, on a black composite stock. It looks just like this picture.

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    Nice rifle! I would love to have a scout model! These rifles are pretty simple to take care of and maintain. It is better if you use grease instead of oil on these. I highly recommend this:

    I also recommend buying a chamber brush as well. Military style cleaning kit: has a chamber brush.
    I personally use a product like this
    Makes life a little easier. It's important to o keep these chambers clean. A dirty chamber can cause all sorts of feeding and extracting issues.
    For the rest of your questions you need to watch this guy: [ame][/ame]
    Tony is a heck of a guy and knows this way around these rifles. He has multiple videos on these rifles that covers ALOT of info. Hope this helps!