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I'm new to the forum and relatively new to Springfield's. I took a XD Mod 2 (9mm) in on a gun trade that was like new and looked unaired. Thought the gun looked cool so I thought I would try it out against my Glock 19. Well to make a long story short all I can say is Glock is a well made gun but the Mod 2 is my new conceal carry gun and I just traded my 19 for a XDM 4.5 in 9mm to play with at the range! These are the most balanced easy shooting handguns I have ever laid hands on!
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Welcome to the forum!
Welcome to the forum jt9.....
The XD. Mod2 sub-compact is a comfortable conceal carry....
Welcome aboard again.
Welcome!! I too was a Glock only guy for years and when the Mod 2 came out I couldn't believe I actually liked the looks of a non glock. I went to my local gun shop and held one and I've never held a gun that felt 100% perfect in my hand. So I had to buy it, I have ZERO regrets. I just wish I would have looked at Springfield sooner.
Welcome (again) to the forum from Northern Illinois. I think the feel 'in the hand' and the trigger on the XD's is what sold me against other DA's.
Just joined myself! My first Springfield was the 4.5" 9mm XDm. LOVE that gun. Won (second place) my first competition with it, out of the box with Winchester white box ammo. Now I have the 5.25" XDm and as of this week the XDs 9mm with 3 free mags on the way. I have several other guns, but the XDm 5.25" and XDs stay at the range with me.
Welcome to the forum!
Welcome aboard.
Welcome to the Springfield Forum Gentlemen !!
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