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I wouldn't have felt good about the mod to the sight but only paid $80 shipped for that Romeo Zero & the seller had another one that I passed on...
Should have bought it too
I have another on my SIG P365XL & that gave it a new metal shroud & didn't use it on the Hellcat because it would have raised the sight up the thickness of the metal shroud = right around 1mm View attachment 3364 View attachment 3365
I have a new "We the People" IWB holster coming for the SIG, due any day now
Haven't carried it yet because I don't have a good holster for it but did find this IWB Clip holster for it in the mean time
View attachment 3366

How much better is the trigger now with the Apex Trigger kit? VS Factory as far as pre travel overtravel reset & pull weight etc.
Inquiring minds want to know
Nice set-up you got there. That Apex trigger i have on the Hellcat is just the trigger shoe. Mainly for looks lol. Didnt want to change much because it is my carry
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