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New guy in the house...

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Morning all, just stopping by for an intro. I currently have only one SA in my arsenal. 20+ year old Champion. She's served me well and will not being going anywhere soon. Probably passed on to one of my boys when the time is right. Thanks for having me. Geezer;)
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Welcome brother! Let's see some pics of that SA!
Welcome to the forum !

Hope you enjoy the community !
Here she is….

Plus a couple of pics of what she does.


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Welcome to the forum! Nice shooting.
sweet 'ol shooter. i'm still saving up for a 1911.
sweet 'ol shooter. i'm still saving up for a 1911.
Thanks! The gun does pretty good too! lmao
New to the forum.

BCA. Bucks County Armory

Custom hand fit 1911s are our thing here. Everyone that shoots or collects should have a tack driver but most can't spend $2K+ on a firearm.

BCAs "BRAWLER" is the Answer at $999. Available in all 3 sizes. 5", 4.25", and 3". Customer can choose any Cerakote finish color. Other finishes are available at an extra charge.

The "PLAYER is the middle man at $1200-1800. Again government, commander, and officers sizes available.

The "CAPTAIN" is our top shelf and the sky is the limit Starting at $2200.

We also have build your own. You pick the parts you want and we'll melt the together for ya.

Same Gunsmith starts and completes your CUSTOM piece.
One G-smith one gun.

Website will be up soon. I'll keep y'all posted.

Thanks for having me


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1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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