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Hey guys just joined the forum and thought I’d make my first post an intro post. I’m a former Marine Infantry Officer and was issued an M14 in boot camp (1977) just long enough to clean the grease out of it before being reissued a M16. I remember Carlos Hathcock being our chief instructor in Quantico during our rifle instruction. That was very cool. Towards the end of my service I was lucky enough to compete in the Western Division Matches with match grade 1911s (Gold Cups) and M14s. Free ammo, man were those the days and I never thought twice about it back then.

Bought a M1A loaded back in the day but sold it to a good friend and never replaced it until yesterday. Picked up a M1A National Match, such a great rifle and rich history. Looking forward to competitions with it very soon.

Have shot mostly pistols the last several decades in USPSA Action shooting and even ICORE (revolvers). I must be nuts for going down this rabbit hole with all the reloading component and ammo shortages these days. Maybe there’s a light at the end of the tunnel……and it’s not the train.

I live in Southern California, been here since 1985 (before most of you were born). Hope to move to a better state soon as this one seems worn out. Looking forward to hitting the range with this M1A. Thanks for a place to re-learn this platform.
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