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    SA EMP 4" S&W 40 cal
    Finally got to the range but only had time for 200 rds.
    Shared the lane with the wife so I got 1/2 hour.

    Sooo new gun, cleaned and well lubed. Brushed and swabbed the barrel
    every 3 mags (had to reload anyway, it comes with 3 mags). Couple extra
    oil drips on the slide here and an extra touch there.

    Winchester 165 FMJ
    PMC 165 JHP
    Federal 165 JHP
    Win 180 FMJ
    Target distance: 10 yds

    Mixed up the ammo one mag of this and one mag of that. When
    it ate all that i split the last 3ea mags by 4rds 180 ball and 5 rds 165 JHP.
    And alternated the last mag 2 rds of each, in every other order.
    Why do that, . . .well its my way of telling the gun "if your going to
    fail or don't like something . . . .TELL ME KNOW!" We can fix it,
    or work thru it to find a correction, but . . . . tell me know.
    There were ZERO issues . . period ! ! it did not ask for ketchup !
    I also shoot the "first three" rounds to a target, supported. Then shoot
    loopy 2 hundred onto another what ever target. Then went to a
    third target (same as the first) and put 3 rds into it supported.
    Did the group tighten up after a 200 rd breakin ? or go sour ?
    Its a 1911, yeah minor things changed, but a 1911. Points as easy as
    any I have ever shot. The sights, due to color, are easy to pick up quickly.
    It shoots like an accurate 40 cal . . period. The trigger has very little
    travel either way, and the break is DECISIVE. It does have that famous
    40 cal snap.
    A 45 acp in recoil kinda says, "yep coming up, got me"? the recoil is real.
    And the 40 goes "ooops, surprise, little tighter please". But controllable
    and enjoyable, as it showed some accuracy right away. Gets you attention like a 38 Super . . .but a pinch more:D
    All the mechanics worked as it should. Ejected cases go directly to the
    right about 4 ft.. After 200 rds there is some minor galling on the top of barrel exterior, from 10:00 to 1:00 oclock. I wouldn't have mentioned
    that except they have a mirror like finish on that area. Other than that
    no runs, no drips, no errors.

    I had to kneel (one knee) and put arms out on a cross pipe for the
    supported shots. I'll see if i can post the targets 3rds new and 3rds after
    200 rnds. Point of aim was top of front post on the 3 to 9 oclock line
    thru bull. So as you see its a pinch right, and a pinch up. And yes
    some of that was ME ! With a few more rounds thru it,
    it will out shoot me.

    Cleaning & inspection was as usual but detailed looking for boo boos,
    and no excessive residue found anywhere.
    Its a keeper so far.
    Overall I'd give it an 8.5 outa 10, good beat and easy to dance to!
    Very decent value for the money.


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    Excellent trooper!!