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    Im trying to purchase my first handgun soon. I have picked springfield over glock only because I see sa as a safer choice. It came down to a few things..... The handle safety, and the indicator on the back of the gun mainly. My post is to ask for guidance in my model decision. Its down to the 3" 9mm mod.2 or the xd 4" 9mm(non grip zone) is there a noticeable drop in accuracy between the 4" and 3" barrels? I noticed that hickok45 missed a lot in his mod.2 video at longer distance. I realize everybody is different and I should rent each before I buy. I know hickok is awesome usually with anything in his hands. What are realistic accurate distances based on barrel size?
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    Generally, the shorter the barrel the less accurate over greater distances.

    However, this does not mean that within the distance most handgun shooting is done that either barrel length will prevail. Rather, the skill of the shooter really comes into play here along with experience with the firearm by the shooter over time.

    There is no "realistic accurate distances" inherent in those barrel lengths. If you were to shoot both from a rest, removing as many variables as possible that affect accuracy induced by outside influences, the results will be very very close.


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    All of my concealed carry pistols are 3" (Kahr Mk9 & Springfield EMP). They are accurate, reliable, concealable, and comfortable to carry. Add to this good reliability and superb accuracy. Your mileage may vary but no regrets at all.
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    IF . .your intent is personal protection / to carry a pistol. My 2 cents is that at the distance you practice
    and may defend your self at. Either will do just fine, but it also will be, what is your tolerance or ability for
    hiding a 3" or longer 4" barrel gun???? Size and shape of torso has advantages or disadvantages.

    IF. . .it were me right now . . . I'd do a 3 inch and grow into a 4" later.
    (the 3" will force sight training more and is a good excuse to buy another gun, down the road !)
    go forth grasshopper