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    This is my first post here (outside of my intro post) and the question I'm going to ask is the original reason I joined.

    I currently have a SA 1911 Range Officer Operator and a XD-9mm.

    I want to purchase two more guns in the sub compact size. They will be the XDs and the XD mod2. Here is my quandary. I want one in a 9mm and one in a .45 acp. I am not interested in the .40 cuz I have an inventory of 9 and 45 and don't really want to expand it plus just not a huge fan of the 40, no good reason just personal preference.

    I'm interested in the XDs for is small size but am conflicted because of the recoil in the 45 and the two less rounds but like the idea of the bigger hole it creates. I would also consider carrying it with my 1911.

    I'm interested in the mod2 in 9mm because I can get it in 3 inch rather than 3.3 but am not sure if .3 inches really makes that big a difference in cc or accuracy. Also, I'm interested in the mod2 in 9mm cuz my XD-9 mags can fit into it also so I could carry both and not have to carry two to four extra mags. However if I got it in 45, I would have a higher round count, especially compared to my 1911.

    I have however settled on getting the XDm 4.5 threaded barrel in .45acp because it's bigger and heavier especially with a silencer which will help with recoil.

    Thanks, looking forward to hearing you responses. I know all of this is conjecture and personal opinion, just wanted to hear y'alls.
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    The XDs in .45 is an engineering marvel! Yet, like you say, the single stack mag results in a small capacity. There's no right or wrong here, but for what it's worth, I'd recommend getting the XD Mod 2 in .45 and the XDs in 9mm. The XDs in 9 mm gives decent mag capacity (it's my EDC gun), and if your Mod 2 is .45, then you could carry it on those days you want to carry a .45, and you'd have more rounds than if the .45 were a XDs.

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    ImageUploadedBySpringfield Forum1480970309.066477.jpg

    So I decided to get a XDs in 9mm. I'm glad I did because it shoots so nice! Has a little bit more kick than my full size XD-9 but that's to be expected with a smaller gun. I prob would have not enjoyed it being a 45acp.

    So now I'll be getting a mod 2 in the 45acp.
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