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My name is cloaker but my friends call me Dave

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I am new to shooting weapons of any sort. I own a few handguns, the latest being SA 1911 A1 RO.

My first time shooting was Sept 2014, and the first 50 rounds were at 7 yards, and I shot pretty good I was told, the results are the avatar for my account.

Head Outerwear Arm Human body Neck

I'm hooked.

I am pretty much educating and researching all day, being basically retired and I have alot of questions, please accept my apologies in advance!

I've taken a NRA safety class prior to first shooting and completed the NRA CCW class recently. I am not ready to carry, might never be but I can live with that, unless the poop hits the fan. If I was to carry, so far it would be LCP for pocket carry.

My initial interest was in home defense, I will be trying out shotguns soon and would appreciate some ideas one what to try out.

My range rents just about everything and I've tried most popular caliber handguns. The SA 1911 is my favorite hands down. The m9 is 2nd.

If you have any questions just ask, you will always get an answer of some sort.

My hobbies for the last 10 years all revolve around wilderness survival, and prepping. Married with kids.

Oh, one last thing, I tend to write alot!


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Welcome to the funny farm,uh I mean Forum Dave. Yeah that's pretty good shooting for a first time especially. I had a SA 1911 A1 that I loved but had to sell it to pay bills. Someday I may call him and see if he's still got it,he said he'd sell it back to me if I wanted. Taking those classes should help you a lot too. I was raised aroud guns and have been hunting and shooting since I was 13. Again welcome to the Forum,we have a bunch of good people on here so don't don't be shy about asking questions or answering questions. Oh,we like pictures too ;).
Welcome Dave! We can't buy the Range Officer in my state, so I'm jealous! I have to start with a Mil-Spec and make a RO. I shoot 1911's a LOT. I am also an amateur 1911 smith, and I can tell you how to totally bubba your SA, so just ask!

Oh, I recommend the LCR over the LCP, because shell casings make jim-dandy evidence ;^)

Great intro. You sound like a whole lotta fun. I'm glad you found your way here.
Welcome Mon! I believe you will fit in here just fine.
Thanks everyone, its a great site and the app os awesome!

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