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My first Springfield 45

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1911-A1 45 I bought this gun used. It's still tight no rattles but how do I make it more shooter friendly? Front sites are blade. Back sites are fixed. Trigger pull is a bear. Plastic grips. Not sure if it matters, but the serial number begins with NM. I do like the gun. Should I modify it or just leave it alone? I am on a fixed income but I do know you don't want to be on the wrong end of this gun. It's for home defense. It's a USA made Springfield.


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Nice looking weapon, and I also am interested in the "Old reliable" 1911 to the readily usable 1911, on a small budget.
It looks like an old Mil-Spec gun but the "NM" means it was made to National Match specs. It would probably be best to keep it as it is for home defense. Nice pistol. :D
I have the same gun, bought it a few months ago, used, at a gun show, $450 out the door. E-mailed Springfield, & gave them the serial #, they said it was made in 1990. It was my 1st 1911, but not my last.
Nice pistol! I would modify it a little just to customize it to you. Grips, coating, sights, etc are all good basic mods.
Very nice weapon, if it isn't broke, don't fix it ;)
Very nice weapon, if it isn't broke, don't fix it ;)
+1 I'd get different grips, just to please the eyes..
Nice piece.....since it's for home defense. I suggest keep the sight as-is, grips you feel comfortable with and have the trigger adjusted for 4-6 lbs pull.
Thank you for all the comments. I will change the grips and have the trigger pull adjusted.
Amazon and Midway has a large selection of grips....I'm waiting on my Midway notification on when Magpul's new 1911 grips are received.
Put 200-300 rounds through it, clean it and then decide what changes, if any, you might want to make.
1911 Magpul Grips

Received my new Magpul grips for my 1911's and Piece front finger grove grip inserts....nice combination and now the grip feels just right!
I would recommend seeing how it personally feels to you when firing. If you dislike the feel and such modifying is of course your best option, but best to have a trial first. Otherwise, you may fix what ain't broke
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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