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My 45acp loads

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Since nobody is posting in the reloading area, I thought I'd give it a little bump. I shoot my 1911's for fun, and also shoot them in Silhouette competition.

So, these should be considered warmer than normal target loads, but extremely accurate to at least 100m. OAL determined by "plunk test" in individual barrels:

200gr SWC (H&G-68, hard cast): 5.5gr Bullseye

230gr LRN (swaged or cast very soft): 6.5gr Unique

Both these loads are hot enough to expand a modern case sufficiently to seal the chamber. This is a concern these days since brass has been made crazy strong to handle the poor case support in Glock barrels. Both loads ARE within SAAMI spec.

For old guns that don't feed everything and may not be fully heat treated, reduce loads by 0.5gr. If your older gun will not feed lead, ask me how to adjust the barrel ramp if you are feeling brave.
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I have been using 4.0 grains of Bullseye with the Bayou Bullet 200 grain SWC lately and find it very accurate. I can get the powder coated bullets in green, red, and yellow. I use different colors of bullets when trying a new load or loads for different guns of the same caliber. So far the guns have been easy to clean, no mess while reloading, and no smoke when shooting.

I usually see no reason to mess with a load that works well in a particular gun. That being said I was having some old Colt magazines that were not keeping my slide open on the last shot in my Springfield TRP. I bumped up my usual load of 4 grains of Bullseye to 4.5 grains of Bullseye to see if that would work. This load is with the 200 grain Bayou Bullets SWC. My group went from a normal .8" to 1.3" at 25 yards and no luck with the slide staying open. What size group do you get at 100 meters pokute? I am going back to 4 grains and I have some new Wolff springs for these magazines ordered.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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