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Noticed my rear pin in the Hellcat OSP was walking out so I opened it up & sure enough the micro circlip that retains the pin was missing in action
Don't know if it was there factory as I bought the pistol used several months back
I fashioned one from a trigger return spring from a M&P Shield from my stash & got it so close the pin had to be tapped through & its big enough to be retained in the housing & I set it with a roll pin punch, it snapped into place as it should & now its 100%
Thought I would share photos & results 馃憞
My homemade circlip fits better than the factory one, who would have thought, note the spring I cut it from between the punches below 馃憤
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#20 in the frame diagram above

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Going to contact Springfield Armory's Customer Service & see if they will sell me a couple of these clips #20
All is good but won't know until a few hundred rounds are shot through the pistol just to know for sure
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Thanks to Customer Service & the "Gear Up" Program for the extra magazines = OH YEAH! I Think I'm set on magazines & got a optics cut holster from "We The People" 馃憤
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