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The issue of mental illness and buying weapons legally has been an area the anti-gunners are hoping to use for their agenda of denying people the 2nd Amendment rights. With the push to make all medical records available in a national data base, even the mental ones, it will be used to deny you any weapons at all unless you hire a lawyer and get the courts to rule in your favor.

This amounts to guilty until you prove your innocence, again unconstitutional. There are many mental issues that are not a danger to ones self or others along with some medications, but they will be listed as such. A for instance would be like, Wellbutrin which is taken to treat some forms of depression, but having a side effect of helping people quite smoking it was used about 8 years ago for that purpose.

The commercial name that was advertised as a quite smoking drug was Zyban, but because some insurance providers would not pay for the expensive drug Zyban, many Dr.’s proscribed Wellbutrin instead. Almost all insurance providers would pay for that. Now though if you have been proscribed Wellbutrin to help quite smoking the medical report will say for some form of mental illness. Even though it was not for that but they list it as such so the insurance will pay for it.

Now guess what? You have a mental illness, and soon will not be able to buy any weapons, legally. The V.A. is classing anyone who has been to war and has some form of Posttraumatic Stress Syndrome, as a mental illness and are denying Vets. The right to own weapons. Not everyone with PTSS has a violent nature or is wanting to off themselves. A lot of us suffer from very mild forms of PTSS and will not go to V.A. for anything. Because of their attempts at making us out to be flat out nut cases. Over 120,000 Vets. Have already been denied their 2nd Amendment Rights because of V.A.

Now with DHS classing any returning Vet. As a potential terrorist they will be using any excuse to prohibit them from even looking at weapons let alone owning one. Unless something dramatic happens with in the next 3 years I believe that all Vets will be classed as a danger to themselves and/or society by this socialist administration. Currently if a vet wants to take the issue to court to gain his 2nd Amendment rights back he must front $10,000 U.S. for court costs and lawyer fees. Travel to where the state Supreme Court is held and fight for his rights there.

NO provision was made to help a vet recover his rights at the expense of the government (the ones who deny his right). I have only heard of one who was able to win his case and sense then V.A. has changes their rules to make it harder by classing them in other ways to avoid the issue all together.

I have read where some Physiatrist are hoping to make the desire or need to own guns as a mental illness. The more guns you own the more mental you are. The osamaobama socialist administration will possibly be using this also to help deny you your rights. What it boils down to is the anti-gunners will find a way to stop private gun ownership at all costs.

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