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Here's my Marlin Model 80C ( 1946-1968 ) manufactured in the early 1960's before the GCA of 1968...hence no serial number. She is chambered for .22 short/long/long rifle.


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Very nice SH !!

( And...that's a "clip"...not a magazine !! ;) )

What scope is that...?
A Simmons 3-9X if I recall right. I've had this rifle for around 20 years and it's had the same scope all along.The name tag has even fallen off of it but Simmons is about all I've ever bought for my guns until recently.

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My model 60, I have had for so many years I cant remember. Still a tack driver.Tasco 4X20

This is my 1895 GBL 45-70 govt.
I sure like shooting limbs off trees with it.:D

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