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Aftermarket "Hard Fit" 1911 barrels have only partially finished chambers. This is because hood length adjustment needs to be followed by headspace adjustment.

Even drop-in barrels can be improved by a light pass with a chamber finishing reamer. The reamer assures the chamber is SAAMI spec, and leaves a mirror finish in the chamber.

Overly aggressive use of the reamer will change headspacing (by design), so you need to proceed slowly, keep the reamer clean, and check progress often.

Note that the reamer is a complex tool. working from the tip back: It has a pilot section, a tapered section for the land leade, a right-angle step for the case mouth ledge, and a slightly tapered section for easy case extraction.

Note that the correct way to check your work with the reamer is to use the Clymer GO/No GO headspace gages. With the GO gage in the chamber, the barrel should be able to go into full lockup, with the NO GO gage, it will not. The barrel hood should be exactly flush with the GO gage, and a 0.003-0.006 feeler gage should fit between the GO gage (and consequently the barrel hood) and the slide breech face.

Overall, you get a lot of tool for $70:


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