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Makes Ya Go Hmmmm.......

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It just dawned on me why Mayberry was so peaceful and quiet....nobody was married.

Here are the single people that come to mind. Andy, Aunt Bea, Barney, Floyd, Howard, Goober, Gomer, Sam, Ernest T Bass, the Darlin family, Helen, Thelma Lou, Clara...

In fact, the only one married was Otis and he stayed drunk.
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The guy that run the repair store was married,can't think of his name but maybe he was just on Mayberry RFD,don't remember. The Mayor was married too.
Um, the place was called Mayberry, and nobody was married, and Opie didn't look anything like Andy... Hint, hint. There's towns like that all over here in California.
You mean they were just shacking up together???
Just like on My Favorite Martian! And, uh, dare I go there... Lost In Space! And I know I'm gonna catch it for saying this, but Batman and Robin were up to something mighty peculiar.
It doesn't surprise me with Batman and Robin.
Little known fact: I was Andy's stunt double.

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I didn't realize he had a beard. Was you Uncle Jesse's on Dukes of Hazards too?
What's with the picket fence around the desk?!
To the best of my recollection the fix it shop was run by Emmett. I'm not sure of his marital status. As a resident of the Old North State I can tell you that we have a plethora of Barney's but absolutely no Andy's.
Yeah Emmet's wife was on a few episodes,I remember one she was on was when he thought of retiring and one about their anniversary.

I this one all the wifes got jealous of the manicurist. There's a lot of wifes in town.

It used to be that Mt Airy, NC distanced itself from anything Mayberry or Andy Griffith, it was just too much of a hick image. Later on, they realized that a lot of people were interested in the old TV show and all things Mayberry. Today, everything is Mayberry this and Mayberry that. I would be afraid to guess just how many black and white 1962-1964 Ford police cars are in town now.
The town even has a replica of Mayberry complete with the courthouse, jail, Emmet's Fix-It-Shop, Wally's Garage, the Darling's cabin, and more. The town learned there was a dollar or two to be made off the back of Mayberry.
I was born and raised just up the mountain from Mt Airy over in Virginia. Only about 30 minutes away, I spent a lot of time in Mt Airy and still do on my visits back to VA.
We go that way on our way to West Virginia. My wife's from Meadow Bridge.
Guess I'm more a Hooterville kinda guy myself.
Lotsa curves, you bet!
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