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I got a lot of good info from this site so I thought I would share some of the things I've come up with. First, is the drill bit set. I picked up the letter sizes from a machinist's supply house. The decimal size, the smallest, I already had. Three pieces of 3/4" dowel rod and I had a full set for $12. Next was a bore guide and an insert for the breech. I used a piece of 1/2" pvc for a "breech buddy" with a slot cut in it to catch the dirty patches. For the bore guide, I wanted something that would support about 6=7 inches of my cleaning rod so I wouldn't have to pull the rod completely out each time. I used 3/4" pvc for this. About 10" of pvc, an end cap, a coupler and a 1/4" fender washer did the trick. Drill a hole in the end cap and the fender washer the size needed for your rod. Turn the fender washer down to fit inside the coupler. Put the end cap on about four inches of the pvc and add the coupler with the finish washer. Next, insert about four inches of pvc into the coupler. On the last piece added, you'll have to sand the inside of the pvc to fit on the flash suppressor as well as a slot cut in it to add patches/cleaner. All of the materials mentioned I had in my garage so the total cost was $12. Hope this helps.
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