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M1A stocks

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I'm new here so forgive me if it has already been discussed but I was wondering what are some good aftermarket stocks for an M1A? I bought an M1A right before I left home (currently serving in Afghanistan) and I'm looking to upgrade the stock when I return home. I think the Sage stock is crap because I use an M14 with the Sage stock and do not like it. Any input? Merry Christmas.
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It's too late to wish you a Merry Christmas, but I'll give you my 2 cents on M14 stocks. I prefer USGI wood or fiberglass or SAI walnut stocks. But, really the only experience I have with other aftermarket stocks is an Archangel. It is just too heavy and didn't fit me well.

Thanks for your service lugi!
Add me to the List that prefers Wood, I got a Nice Tiger stripped one to Replace the FACTORY fiberglass, I know fiberglass is supposed to be better for warping or rather the lack thereof and I know had the Military stayed with the M14 the plan was for all to sport fiber glassed stocks, But there is just something about the Wood I like, Maybe it just stands out better since no matter what kind of weapon it is these days, They all seem to sport Black Stocks.

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