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M1A Scout Squad cycling issues

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Hello all,
I received a new Scout Squad and, being impatient, shot it out of the box. It shot great. Then, after taking the gas plug out to clean it and putting it back in (following all directions), the action is short-stroking. Every time I shoot--with all of my magazines, 3 of which are Springfield--no new round is fed into the chamber. When I shoot with one round in the magazine, the bolt does not stay open. I am shooting with the same surplus ammo (German and Portuguese) that I shot with prior to the action not fully cycling.
I have repeated the plug removal-clean-replace cycle several times with no difference. I keep thinking I must have made a rookie mistake, I just don't know what it is. Any thoughts?
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Try different ammo, make sure the gas port is fully open. On the gas cylinder there is a valve that can be a adjusted with a flat head make sure it's fully open. Let me know if this helps cheers
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Welcome aboard. You might want to go to the introductions section and introduce yourself. By the way,we like pictures.:D
Take your m1a to local gun shop. I had trouble reinserting the trigger group, and happen to live close to a Cabela's and they fixed my issue for free.
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