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Lubrication of Springfield Hellcat/HS Produkt H11

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When I opened my Hellcat up for inspection, I followed the Owner's Manual & used Lucas Extreme Duty Gun Oil...
Thought I'd start a thread about Lubrication
Everybody has a different Technique & gun oil they use that they think is superior
I have used TW-25B as a grease on many moving parts on firearms as it stays were you put it & is white in color

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Picked up a bottle of Lucas Extreme Duty Gun Oil at O'Rielly's Auto Parts not long ago & bought the last bottle in the display
I have maybe 20 different types of gun lubricant & know that several manufacturers recommend Lucas & give a FREE sample with each firearm
It is BLUE in color & seems to work as good as anything else out there
I remember when Breakfree CLP was the top lubricant
SIG Sauer used to give a sample of TW-25B with each firearm & now gives the Lucas Extreme Duty Gun Oil...
Lucas also has some RED Gun Oil that I assume is Type F or Dexron II Transmision Fluid
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