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Loose Mag Release Fixed

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After I called and described my lose mag release, SA suggested that I send it to them for inspection. They paid the postage.

Including transit, SA had my Mod2 for just under 2 weeks.

The packing slip says they performed the following:

After inspecting the pistol myself, I am delighted to say that the problem appears to be fixed!

The mags do seem to protrude out from the grip a slight bit more than I remember. That might be true, or it might be that in the time the Mod2 was away, I got used to the way the mags fit into my XDs.

Hopefully I can sneak out of the office for a long lunch one day this week and run a quick 100 rounds through her just to make sure she's feeding properly!

Thank you, SA!

Fellow XD fans, if you find that your mag release button gets very loose, I suggest you call SA and request an inspection.
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Good deal...
Does any recommend using Snap Caps for Dry Fire Practices?
Absolutely. Snap caps are a great and effective way to practice with your handguns. I purchased a new gun last week and worked with snap caps for a 2 solid days before loading it up with real ammo.
Does any recommend using Snap Caps for Dry Fire Practices?
Here is the definitive answer about snap caps in the XD line (copied from one of my earlier posts).

All of us who have read the respective manuals of arms know that the manuals for the XD/XD Mod2, the XD(M), and the XDs all include the following statement,

"NOTE: Extensively dry firing can accelerate component wear/stress. Use snap caps if dry firing on a regular basis."

Most of us probably also know that dry-fire practice can be an extremely helpful part of our firearm training.

I have heard different opinions about what constitutes "excessively" and "regular basis." Consequently, I decided to ask Springfield directly.

I just spoke with a rep. at Springfield Customer Service (800-680-6866). She said, "It is completely safe to do the dry-fire that is necessary for field stripping; a little dry-fire is not going to hurt it, but guns in the XD line should not be dry-fired excessively because damage to the striker assembly can result."

There was that word again, "excessive."

In an effort to pin down the meaning of "excessive," I said, "So, if I am going to do a few hundred dry-fires with my XDs or Mod 2, then I should use snap caps?"

She said, "Yes."

I hope this is helpful information.
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