Lock Your Damn Doors 2016 Edition

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by tazo2503, May 19, 2016.

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    That's why I keep the house and trucks locked up and the house security system on at night or if we leave,a lot to do with a step-son that's been in and out of jail or detention since he was 12 for stealing. In fact the other week my son was sitting in his vehicle outside a bar and my step-son was checking vehicles to see if they were unlocked,my son called the cops on him.

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    It just makes sense to secure your stuff. Your morals may prevent you from taking someone else's possessions but not everyone thinks that way.

    We've had two problems at our house in the 17 years we lived there...a vehicle break in with theft (if it wasn't for the wheel locks they would have gotten more of our stuff) and 2 years ago I confronted two meth heads on my back patio, looking for items to carry away. I've noticed that thieves don't like owners showing up with shotguns at the ready. :)
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    good article Mark.
    I remember the days of no locked doors and for me that started changing in the late 60's.
    I'm sure there are still places like that but so many fewer.