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Illustrious forum member gumpy has had a double helping of bad karma doled out to him a spoonful at a time over some years.

Gumpy is hankerin' for a 1911, but would have to give up eating, bathing, and playing bingo just to make the down payment.

So I got the brilliant idea of building a gun for gumpy. I've got a couple shoe boxes full of 1911 parts, and if somebody could sell gumpy a frame, slide, and barrel cheap, I could file on it and make him a real nice shooter, parts and 'smithing gratis. And I will document the whole process right here.

Gov't or Commander, either one is fine.

Now, I'm not going to make a silk purse from a sow's ear... The frame and slide need to be pretty nearly ready to go. A little loose and a little rust is okay, but no warping or mislocated holes. And please, nothing from SARCO!

So, anybody got a corpse we can reanimate? Anybody want to help try and track down a beater gun for sale?
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