Just won bid XDS .45 on Gunbroker

Discussion in 'Springfield Armory XD' started by TrueGritTexan, Nov 15, 2015.

  1. TrueGritTexan

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    Just got winning bid on the pistol. I own the Ultra Compact .45 but a little to heavy and big for good concealment so usually carry Ruger LCP .380. Was curious after reading the horrors of cycling and misfires if I made a mistake. Feel like I got it at a good price at $415 NIB with 2 mags and hopefully get the $135 rebate Springfield is offering. I'm the new guy here so don't beat me up. Hope everybody had a good Sunday and have a better week. Thanks
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  2. squirrelhunter

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    Congrats on the gun. You might want to hop over to the Introductions Forum and introduce yourself :D.

  3. jthomas1104

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    I love my XDS .45 3.3. You will be very happy with this handgun. I carried a S&W .40 for yrs. It's big and bulky. When I started carrying the XDS. It's like nothing is there. I carry iwb. I did have one light primary strike. The very first round put through it. My gunsmith was there with me. He field stripped and and lubed it up. Said to run the first mag through a lil wet. Then stripped it down cleaned it. Lubed the feed ramp (one drop) the slide and end of barrel. (One drop also). Never had a problem since. Shot about 400 rounds through it since.
  4. Dexter

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    I had an early XDS .45. Worked fine and then there was the recall. After being worked on by Springfield the trigger stays in the "pulled" position after emptying the mag. Supposed to be the new normal but feels strange to me. Don't use it much now.