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Just bought a used Springfield Champion Operator

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I bought a range officer 3 weeks ago and love it. Then I was taking in the box for the glock I had on consignment, and of course, there sat a slightly used Champion Operator. These are my first 1911s and don't know all that much about them other than I love the feel and trigger vs. glock/HK/sig/etc. My question is, do these come with a small guide rod? I took the gun apart for a thorough cleaning and noticed the guide rod is only about an inch long and there is a round hollow sleeve that holds the spring to the slide. These are bill barrel commander size 1911s from what I have gathered. I believe I'd be interested in replacing the sleeve (reverse plug?) with a more fitted option (barrel support when in battery), full length guide rod (commander size) and a new spring since I'm not sure how many times this one has been fired. Anyone know if Wilson makes a full kit that can accomplish this? The reason I want to replace is because the spring kept shooting across the room when putting back together and I like my stuff tight with zero slop.
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I don't know the answer to your question but someone will come along who will know.

But I sure can sympathize with springs shooting across the room. :(
Your description of the GR and spring doesn't match Springfield's description for the Champion Operator:

"Dual Spring w/ Full Length Guide Rod"

And both those guns should be tight as a... Nothing should "slop" at lockup. Do yourself a favor and send them to Springfield and tell them you are not sure that they are safe to fire. They will restore them to factory spec at no charge (They don't want folks bad-mouthing one of their guns because Bubba did something stupid and then sold it). Again, Springers do NOT slop.

And yes, a properly set up 1911 trigger can only be compared to the SA feel of a fine Colt or Smith revolver. This places a great deal of responsibility on the shooter to learn to handle the 1911 safely, since accidental discharge is only a touch away.

I'm truly jealous of you folks who live in states where the Range Officer is available. I'd buy one of each in a heartbeat.

Springer 1911's are the ONLY current guns that I get this enthusiastic about. I've had the chance to shoot nearly everything out there, and Springfield 1911's really stand out from the rest of the current production, even the "off the shelf" custom guns (some of which are a joke - A $2500 gun that can only feed hardball reliably?!). I have shot a couple of tricked-out Glocks that were downright amazing, so there is hope for tupperware, it's just not for me.
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