I Love Blued Steel & Beautiful Wood

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    But I also like ugly guns, too. Yep, it's time to punish myself. This afternoon I'm taking my LCR .357 Mag to my buddy's range. The trigger on these centerfire LCR's is great right out of the box. Other makers could and should follow suit. Anyway, gonna put some 158 gr JHP and 110 JHP Magnums through it. It hasn't been out for a while so it's about time it got some sunlight.


    And while I'm at it, I'm taking the Charter Arms Off Duty, too. This is the gun that stays in my pocket every waking minute of the day when I'm home. At only 12 ounces it isn't even noticeable in my pocket. I'll put some wadcutters through it and top it off with 2 cylinders of +P's.


    Just so it's not all pain and agony, I'll take the M&P 22. This gun is a pleasure to shoot, accurate and will feed any kind of ammo that I put in it.


    Anyone else going to shoot today? I am very lucky that I have a good friend that has a nice range at his house and he's only about 15 minutes away. There are about 5-6 of us and we try to get together every Sunday afternoon to shoot.
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    Yep, the LCR trigger is awfully nice. You can get a very nice DA trigger out of a Colt Mark III, but it becomes unreliable. The LCR trigger linkage is a terrific design. Proves that there are still improvement to be made even in revolvers.

    I'll be off to the range at 2:00 or so. Got a pile of very light 45acp loads that my shooting buddy made up just before he died. We were going to join the Bullseye league. Should be extremely accurate to 50 yards.
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    I am on call for my job today. So I'm stuck at home. Fire a few for me please.
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    If I wasn't so busy with birthday parties,dog care and yard mowing I might try firing a few rounds,it is a beautiful day but just too busy today.