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Welcome @newmex999
Same here, I never saw the need
There is a video were a guy takes a 13-round extension & 15-round magazine & makes a +2 out of it, leaving an 11-round from the leftovers
I tried it once & it was just stupid looking, didn't take a photo, look in this video 👇
hellcat 17 round magazine - Bing video
I ended up with plenty of magazines due to Springfield Armory & the Gear Up Promotion a while back 👇 , Thank you very much Sir!
Air gun Trigger Revolver Gun barrel Gun accessory

+ got a range bag & a few other items FREE 👍
Product Cap Textile Bag Sleeve

Every time I see a Hyve extension on a handgun I assume the person has watched John Wick I & the Glock blue extensions HaHa! those were TTI BTW
1 - 3 of 3 Posts