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    Just looking for a little help.
    I own the handgun below, and want to change out the thumb safety to left-side-only.
    The reason I want to do this is so that when I carry it, I don’t accidentally switch the thumb safety off while it is holstered.
    I’ve seen a few from Wilson Combat that I like, but don’t know if they will fit. I know there will be some fitting needed, and I don’t have a problem doing it. Just needed to get pointed in the right direction.
    Thanks y’all.


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    I don't know how to do that.

  3. Tinyman

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    Bound to be at least ONE youtube video or even Google may assist
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    Has actually the left hand safety deactivated on you while in holster ?
    If it positive engagement I don't see it happening by it self. ( internet BS )
    if you still set on changing it, yes go with Wilson, and a Gunsmith, TS are not easy to fit, SA might do it for you also, I would go that route if possible.
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    Most good single action pistols have a left and right side safety. If a safety is in good working order there is no way a right hand safety can disengage itself. Also if using the firearm the advantage of having a safety on the right hand side is if there is a need to use the firearm and our right hand is injured/broken and the safety is engaged you can still use the firearm with your left hand and work the safety with your left thumb. Secondly and possibly more important is if using the pistol from cover. Face a wall and you need to shoot at a target on the edge of a say building, on the left side. You never use your right hand as it exposes to much of your body, hence place the pistol in your left hand and you can shoot without exposing as much of your body as when using your right hand.
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