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This is what he has

It’s a Springfield Match M1A Rifle built by the Hawaii National Guard Rifle Team Coach as a back up rifle. Springfield Armory Receiver with a Krieger, 22", 4 Groove, 1-10 twist barrel. Champion's Choice Oversized Walnut Stock, National Match sights and GI parts. Less than 700 rounds and then put away in the safe since 2009.

I’m not knowledgeable enough about M1As to tell him what a current market value would be for this.


m1a 7A487305-1C6B-4B04-816D-71AB09B16E94IMG_1142.jpeg
m1a 4F1BC429-4C3F-4600-9AF2-AA0EF2CEEC6EIMG_1143.jpeg
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