Help with new XDX 9mm FTF

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    Little help please

    Just picked up my new XDS a few weeks ago

    Ran swab through barrel, clean. Made sure gun was oiled.

    After about 100 rounds (Blazer Brass, Winchester white box and Remington--All FMJ). Using the 7, 8 and 2 different 9 round mags

    All I could get off was 3-4 rounds before there was a failure to feed. Cleared chanber and tried again with same results. Same thing happened to MrsM

    I thought we were limp wristing or not hitting backstrap safety so I handed pistol to RSO. He had same result and he called a rep familiar with XDS--same issue. Since I got the gun at a different store, I didn't want to leave it at range for repair.

    I bagged up the XDS and played with another weapon.

    Spoke to gunsmith at store where I got the gun who suggested I contact Springfield. They sent call tag to return to factory

    XDS came back last Tuesday. Work order stated performed normally. They did a clean and heavy lube

    So, I called Springfield and was told that tolerances are so tight that the pistol needs an extended break in period. I told Customer Service rep that that needs to be done at factory.

    She told me that she carries either a 9 or 45XDS depending on where, and what, she is doing. She expressed same frustration and said she had to do the same break in with both guns.

    Also said don't baby the slide. Just let it rack. I told her that no one should pull the slide to rack and gently hold it as it slides into battery. She said at least I knew what I was doing. Suggested trying 124 Gr rounds

    This whole episode kinda really p****s me off. Being a Glock guy, I'm used to taking the gun out of the box and feeding it anything.

    Went to the range Thursday, fed 200 124 gr rounds. I shot well, gun accurate as my G22 or G19. Only 1-2 FTFs, MrsM had a several FTFs, probably due to limp wristing

    When I started running 115 Gr rounds, the proverbial s**t hit the fan. Jammed every other round. Gave up after 2 magazines and went back to 124 gr

    Spoke to gunsmith. He said the gun should eat 115 or 124 gr ammo.

    Suggested that I come back and try again.

    If it still experiences issues call Springfield again. (He said that since I won the XDS in a raffle and got it at another range 100 miles away, it's best to let Springfield have another shot at the problem before he works on it.

    I really hope all goes well, I really like the feel of the XDS. When it went bang, shots were right on with tight groups. I've gained enough weight that my G19 digs into my side. The XDS with IWB holster fits like a dream
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    Got my first Springfield xd9 in June
    Full size service model
    Shoot 500 rounds Remington 115, federal 115 and critical defense 124
    No malfunctions
    Must be the model you have

  3. mikey1003

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    Fantastic Customer Service!

    I received a call from Springfield after I returned the XDS for the 2nd time.

    They offered to replace it with either another XDS or a XDM! Since I was not comfortable trying the XDS again, I elected for the XDM 3" 9mm. It arrived today.

    Interesting note. I asked if they needed my FFL and was told no. What they did was to re-serialize the XDM with the same serial number and that allowed them to send the gun directly to me

    Thanks Springfield
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    They can do that . . .they ARE the manufacturer !
    The second set of eyes this time found something, and this was
    the easiest way to happiness. That was decent of them.
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    I wonder if manufacturers of other things ever "re-serialize" a defective product? Ford-a Pinto? GM-a Vega? Etc.?