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I'm from San Antonio, TX y'all. After doing some 'homework' I've decided on my first handgun! The Springfield Armory 1911's have really stood out to me over the last few months. Purchased a mil-spec last night, really love the fact that it looks like the ole 1911s, although not 100% quite like the original... But the history of the 1911 is a great testament and that's what really drew me in(An M1 Garand may be next in line...). Plus the name Springfield spells high quality and reliability all over the piece. I felt like a kid in a candy store - at the gun shop. Anyway I can't wait to hit the range and clean my new Springfield Armory 1911 - A big thanks to you all for sharing insight and experiences! Looking forward to the forum guys and gals!
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Welcome! You bought the right gun. And I gotta say, my parked Mil-Spec is the best finished and fitted 1911 I've ever seen. Practically NO machining marks anywhere, and everything smooth and tight. You're right, it's not 100% like the original... It's better! And I've got an original 1911 (1915) and 1911-A1 (1936), so I'm not talking through my hat.

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Welcome to the forum,
Yes ,your right about the SA 1911s, very high quality.

My SA 1911 Range Officer is the most accurate handgun Ive ever shot.

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