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hello. my first ever gun was a springfield armory xd45, bought it just because it looked cool never thought itd feel great in my hand too. then i got an xd40 subcompact. it felt perfect in my hand but i found concealed so so with the generic iwb kydex holsters that were mostly available. i got complacent and got wrapped up in the cons of the xd. i.e.
quality holsters were almost non existant and the ones i did find were pretty expensive and still not very comfortable or concealable, with my medium (not fat not skinny) body type .
so i sold it planning to "upgrade" to something "better".
i focused on ppt'ing an off roster cause the regular or subcompact xd i think is prob the best you can legally and affordably get in CA. just my opinion. with ccw in mind...i went the ppt route through both a hellcat osp, and a regular hellcat micro. they concealed great...micro over osp...but only felt so so in my hands, better with the extended grip which kinda defeated the purpose in my mind...fired as expected though FEEL OF THE GUN IN MY HAND was my top priority. only thing I really LOVED about the hellcat were the sights...specifically the hellcat standard/micro front and rear u dot sight. i sold hellcats and got an xds mod2 osp. this i learned was a much better ccw for me...because it was thinner. even with the red dot it concealed better on me than the hellcat using a tulster oath iwb holster.
but the grip...its width (front to back )was too wide in my hand forced me to make sure to extend my fingers to get a firm purchase every draw. i thought itd be perfect if it had the exact same grip as my xd40 3" sc.
i was going to settle here and replace xds sights with hellcat ones and call it a day. but again i ended up selling instead.
i went away from springfield, went through an hk p2000 40 cal which felt awsum, ravking this slide was a dream.... but carrying it i felt off somehow; as well as a glock19, also felt awsum but printed way too much (i bought for training not really to conceal) i sold both eventually.
in the end, i found and returned to an xd 3" subcompact...
the xd9 3" subcompact specifically which is less snappy.
like the xd40, it felt PERFECT more than ever before in my hand and feeling dumb, i realized i only played musical edc's because i couldnt find and was sick of hunting for the perfect iwb holster before infound the t oath. from hellcat to glock19 i found and only used a tulster oath. it is the best holster ive ever owned with next to no printing. so i told myself all will be well, buy an oath for the xd9 3" subcompact and thatll be it.
but...Tulster did not make an oath for the xd9 3" subvompact. what! lol.
they only made a generic style iwb, a profile holster like everyone else does for the xd9 3" subcompact and they feel horrible and unnatural with my body type.
after almost giving up and with a little research i found they made a tulster oath for the xdm-elite 3.8 compact...and i learned while surfing the web that springfield armory sold a desantis holster that was labeled "xd/xdm/xde" or something like that and the light bulb came on. xd and xdm holsters must be interchangeable!
so i bought a tulster oath iwb labeled "xdm elite 3.8" and though being about 1 in longer than my 3"subcompact, was.....drum roll...
a very satisfying PERFECT fitting holster with a very audible retention click. and conceals great. I tried a $100 holster similar to oath from blacksmith tactical and it was a complete fail.
last thing on my list is replacing the front and rear xd9 3" subcompact factory sights with a front tritium in yellow sight (done from ameriglo) as well as a standard (non osp) hellcat rear u dot whose dovetail should mate perfectly with the xd 3" sc. anyways i wrote a book. apologies. thanks for reading.
UPDATE: standard hellcat rear u dot does fit the xd 3" sc dovetail but the actual sight itself is too short...so now im in the market for a xd-m 3.8 elite u dot that is longer and should fit my xd9 3" sc perfectly. (at the moment Springfield Armory does not sell the elite rear sights). Hope this info helps out xd subcompact fans.

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Welcome, hardybronson95!
Sounds like you have tried some great pistols and probably the best ones available in CA.
I have tried several holsters for most of the guns you listed.
You might want to look at a Hidden Hybrid Holster with the claw option.
They are not cheap but they are supremely comfortable!
And with the claw they conceal very well for me.
Again, welcome to the forum.

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Hey there. Ill check out hidden hybrid. yep went through some good guns in ca...too bad its an expensive way to try to find what works for edc. hopefully ca does away with their pitiful limit list of ca legal to purchase pistols some day... thanks again.
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