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Hello from Michigan

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I live in the Upper Peninsula and I own 2 Springfield 1911's a Loaded model, a Mil-Spec. I also have a early model XD9. and I purchased a XD 40 and a XD 40 sub-compact both were gifted to my son. This past weekend I put a Range Officer 9MM on lay away at my LGS.
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Welcome to The Springfield Forum,
Been to Escananba, Bee u tee full country. (but cold):D

Nice SA collection ya got there.


Welcome aboard the Springfield Forum. Get ready to learn,teach and have fun :D.
Hey Mon! How are ya and welcome to the forum. I'm sorry I missed your intro but st the time I was pretty sick. A little hint, we love pictures! Us'n from Alabama are poor readers so type slow so we can keep up.

I'm glad you found your way here. Jump in and have fun.
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