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Thanks guys! I currently have an M1 Garand that was sporterized with what looks like matching #s. Throat erosion good. It's a Springfield 2 millionth serial # with a 12/43 barrel. Want to put it back to its original state. Need a cartouche stock,gas tube w/bayonet lug & front sight. Have a NM SS M1A & 3 .45s. A Range Officer & 2 PC9102s Custom shop pistols built to PRO specs. One in 10mm & 4in compact. Also have the PROFESSIONAL twins on order. The PRO & PRO w/LR. Have a XDM 5.25 with a PRP trigger. I live across the street from a range in FL so they will all get put to good use. Will post photos soon!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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