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Group Gripper

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I installed a Group Gripper in a GI pistol with a GI barrel to correct a barrel alignment problem. It worked amazingly well (probably better than I could have done filing and fitting for a week), but now my barrel seats too far back on the frame, and LRN bullets won't feed. I know how to adjust the barrel face to cure this (per Kuhnhausen), but I was wondering if anybody else used a Group Gripper, and whether there is any adjustment that can be made to the Group Gripper?

UPDATE: I decided to go with the Kuhnhausen technique, Pp. 67-68. I shortened the throat ramp using a file, cutting the angle as low as possible without hitting the lower lug. Then I blended the new angle into the throat without moving the tipping point. The gun now feeds lead and even empty brass. Group Girpper for the win - The lazy man's way to repeatable lockup.

UPDATE #2: Okay, my shooting buddy and I wrung out the gun today, and we had no problem hitting a 6 inch plate at 100 yards consistently. The Group Gripper "just works". Magic for a loose GI gun.
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do you think group gripper would help if the fit of lower barrel lug measured .353 and gap in the frame at the pin measured .367, it should be from what I have read .360 on barrel and .365 in the frame. or is there another way to fix this by shimming on each side of barrel lug or may be welding barrel lug and recut ?
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