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Would you purchase the Helllion or the Saint Edge Tactical ATC

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  • Saint Edge Tactical ATC

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I have a Hellcat OSP (that's the reason for me joining this forum). Fine weapon. Accurate, easy to conceal. The size of your hand may dictate how well it would work for you. I suggest you find a range that has one in rental. Shoot everything you can before you make a decision. As for the Hellion/Saint debate. I own neither.

I own many AR-15 style rifles, everything from home-build ARs to an IWI X-95, multiple FNH SCARs, 16, 17, 20 (like your CO said, "it costs to be the boss."), Windham AR 308, and AR 7.62x51, plus a home built AR 7.62x51, and a home built AR 6.5 creedmoor using Aero parts (lower, upper, 2 stage trigger) and a Odin works XL tactical barrel with an Odin works Atlas comp. All modified to suit my needs.

So, what does that all mean? Absolutely nothing.

It's a matter of what you like and want. I don't worry about ammo cost, because I reload. So, shooting and staying well practiced is not an issue for me or my family.

Think of what your intent is for the weapon you purchase. Are you actually going to shoot it? Or just pull it out of the closet and ogle it or show it to friends, no offense intended. It sounds like you may have some apprehension about the cost of ammo. If that's a factor, grab one of the AR-22's by Tippman or SW. HK is even making one. They have the same controls has a "regular AR" and you can shoot it all day for next to nothing. And the cost is well below 2000.

There are many rifles out there that can be had for 800 or less. That include DPMS, Diamondback (they make some quality stuff) and SW. As a suggestion, buy an AR-22 and a lower priced AR. You get the best of both. An AR you can shoot all day long at low cost, and a standard AR for when the money for ammo is available. All at cost of well below 2000. You will then have money left over for ammo.

This post is not to down any rifle or manufacture. It's more about info and options.

Just one more thing... Anything that's FDE is way more accurate than any black or green rifle. Most of my rifles are FDE, including my SCARs.

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