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Would you purchase the Helllion or the Saint Edge Tactical ATC

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Very interesting So a 5.56 will shoot a .223 a .223 should not shoot a 4.45 but they are similar same with 308 vs 7.62 but you are saying it's opposite the .308 is stronger than the 7.62. Since I am a number, guy why is it some of them have the decimal point before the 10th like .223 or .308, where as others will have it after the whole number like 7.62 or 5.56?
What is interesting is on the price of the rifles, there is not that much difference between the two, I think they are less than $100 apart. However, I have noticed this why is it that the 5.56 bullets cost about 20-30% more is it because they are stronger?
Furthermore, I am being told that a rifle that can fire a 5.56, should be able to fire a .223.So that is what you mean by I have more options I believe, I could either fire with the 5.56 or the .223 but if i get a rifle that is only .223 compatible, then I am stuck with .223. Well the, that makes my decision easier, I am going with the Hellion. It seems like if you want a rifle that is half way decent and is 5.56 compatible, you are looking at a starting price tag of $2000.Well, like my CO would always like to say, "it costs to be the boss." I know those 5.56 bullets can get pricy. They are not as expensive as the 7.62 but they are more expensive than the .223.
Just an observation why is it that us gun owners never complain about the price of the expensive rifle, even if it costs $2000? We always complain about the cost of the ammo :) . To save on cost of ammo, do you recommend recycling bullets or could you even do that with a 5.56?
Furthermore, I am looking at a semi-automatic pistol, I see Springfield Armory came up with a Hellcat, did anyone have a chance to fire it and do you recommend one? If all goes according to my plans by black Friday, I should have the $2000 saved up. I'm just a starving grad student here at BYU, getting my masters in English lit. Hopefully I could teach and coach football.
I appreciate everyone's input.
Tu_s said it more elequantly then I did, I'm not a numbers guy, but I am a bang for my buck guy. I have the hellcat RDP, again more bang for my buck, I like it. as for the bullets, The 2000 dollar rifle is still here after you shoot that thousand dollars of rounds, the rounds, not so much. I did not really concern myself with the price of a round until I retired from the military and had to supply my own, now, every shot counts. I have a 357 snub nose, because I can fire .38 out of it at a cheaper cost per round but still carry .357 when I need to. Any way. Happy hunting for your new pew, pew.
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