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Would you purchase the Helllion or the Saint Edge Tactical ATC

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Hellcat w/RMRcc/XD-S Mod.2 OSP w/CT1500
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Dimensionally, the 5.56x45 NATO and .223 Remington rounds have the same specifications, making them physically identical (most of the time.) The difference is in the pressure each is loaded to, where the NATO round has a higher max. Because of the higher pressure, you shouldn't shoot 5.56 in a chamber that is only rated for .223.

The important difference is the chamber specifications for each round, not the actual round. As I already mentioned there is the pressure difference, but additionally a 5.56 chamber will be slightly larger, and have a longer and looser freebore, the distance a bullet travels when fired before it get's to the rifling. This is done for more reliable function, but can result in loosing some accuracy. I believe it may also be the result of the official NATO spec not coming out until sometime around 1980, so there would be ammo manufactured before that is close to, but not exactly matching the later specifications and the looser chamber is specified to ensure compatibility, however, this is just my theory.

The .223 Wylde chamber for the Saint Edge is a hybrid, where the dimensions for the case body match the 5.56, but freebore is for .223, and is pressure rated for the higher 5.56 specifications. The idea is to get the reliable operation for feeding without a reduction in accuracy.

A rifle with a 5.56 NATO or .223 Wylde chamber can shoot both, and a .223 Remington should only be used with .223.

For 5.56 rounds, a part of the difference in price may come from the use of a stronger cartridge for the higher pressure, and they usually have the primer crimped in, adding another step to the loading process. This would be in addition to differences in the actual bullet used to meet whatever specification they were created for, i.e. having a steel penetrator in the thing. When comparing ammo prices you really need to get into the details.

From here we can go into a discussion on differences in ammo, where you start getting into different bullet weights and lengths, which may or may not result in different cartridge lengths that vary from the official specifications, but that's a different discussion.
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