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Greetings from NE Texas

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Hello Everybody,
I'm glad I found another Springfield Arms Forum. You can never have enough of those I say! I only have one SA pistol and that is my XDs which is now languishing at the Springfield Armory for the latest recall. This is the 2nd trip for this pistol as after 250 rounds the lock back lever snapped off and off it went to the factory. Good thing was they fixed it really quickly and had it back tome in 8 days.
This is a really great pistol for me because I can pocket carry this little jewel with no problem. It is accurate in that it shoots where I manage to point it. I have no problem with the recoil and have considered it well worth the money. Anyway I look forward to participating in this forum and hopefully increasing my knowledge base. Once again.....HELLO EVERYONE!:D
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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