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Glock Model 81 Survival Knife

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A recent birthday present...a Glock Model 81 Survival Knife with saw back blade:

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How long is the tang? How thick is the blade at the hilt?
Glock Field Knife Specifications:

  • Law Enforcement Recognized
  • Outstanding Performance
  • Maximum Durability
  • Fixed Glock Blade
  • 6 1/2 Inch Alloy Hardened Steel Blade
  • Black, Non-Corrosive Coated Blade
  • Clip Point Glock Tip
  • Saw Edge
  • High Impact Resistant Olive Polymer Handle
  • 11 3/4 Inches Overall
  • 7.13 Ounces
  • Polymer Sheath Included
  • Thickness at hilt is approx. 1/4 inch
  • Full Tang Strength
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Just picked up another...this time in OD Green from Botach Tactical

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Here's a good review...

The knife is made of HRC55 Spring steel, which is not stainless and will rust easily in water, and in all honesty I wasn't too excited about that, being a lover of the strong 1095 Carbon Steels. Contrary to my first assumptions, I was really blown away by the resilience of this steel. The idea behind this steel is that it won't chip or snap, making it an ideal field knife, because you're bound to hit a rock or two in the field, and you don't want your blade to fail. Now I will say, this will not be a shaving sharp blade. It comes sharp out of the box, but it won't get much sharper, but this is because of the spring steel being softer than say 1095, and also it is a quarter-inch thick. This thickness, while inhibiting sharpness, is great for military field use, and allows for the saw back. The saw back is actually one of the best I've seen on a knife. The saw teeth are angled foreword as well so in a combat situation the saw will rip flesh going in, but come out easily. The hand-guard is adequate, and has a bottle opener on the back. The handle fills the hand very nicely, only a little smaller than a KA-Bar's. The base of the handle is capped to allow for hammering. I have also read that it is removable for a bayonet attachment, but that it is discouraged because you could ruin the knife handle in doing so. The blade is a full through-tang, again like the KA-Bar. One complaint I have heard about this knife is the tip. The tip is pretty dull, and difficult to get sharp, but Glock actually did this for a reason. This is so that a stab attack will not stick into the enemy's ribs. It also makes for a stronger tip.

The sheath is designed in such a way to allow you to quick-attach it to your gear but then lock it into place by hooking the two pieces together. Retention is a tensioned plastic clip in the front of the sheath, which needs to be pushed back to remove the knife. One hand removal is possible, as is silent removal. The knife can be inserted either way into the sheath. There is a small loop in the back of the sheath for a tie-down, and an adequate drain hole in the bottom. Overall, the sheath was done very well, especially for its low price. It is functional and very rugged.
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I have two of these, a black one and a tan one. They are amazing knives for the money.
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