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Front sight remover for 1911's

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Anyone recommend a quality brand/model of a front sight remover for a 1911?

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Is it a staked front site or the Novak cut?
Novak cut

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I will. Thanks!

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The Hillwig looks like what I'm looking for. I'm ordering it soon. I'm waiting for Remington to mail me a fiber optic front sight for my R1 Enhanced.

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Good deal! I have always placed my slide in my vise with the Delron pads and used a brass drift punch.
I did see that method on YouTube. Doesn't look difficult and way more economical.

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Its gotten to be that 'economical' is a key word, to me anyway. I wish I had started being that way when I was a lot younger
Thanks for the excellent recommendation!

I bought the less expensive of the two Hiilwig pushers from the Glock Store. It works great, even if the sight is really jammed in. See my post: http://www.springfieldforum.com/f36/bull-barrel-1911-a-772/#8
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