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How many of you watch firearm programming on TV...?!

I just realized as I was reviewing my Comcast ( local cable provider ) DVR recording list that I compiled over the past few days to watch at a later time and realized how many I actually tune into on a regular basis...

Here's the list:

American Rifleman
Guns & Ammo TV
Gun Stories
Personal Defense TV
What If
Guns & Gear
Gun Talk TV
Shooting USA
The Best Defense: Survival
Three Gun Nation
Field & Stream: The Gun Nuts
Midway's Rapid Fire
Gallery of Guns
Ruger: Inside & Out
Impossible Shots
Ted Nugent: Spirit of the Wild
World Of Beretta
NRA: Guns & Gold

then there is...

Top Shot
Top Guns
Family Guns
Sons of Guns
American Gun

and the list goes on...

I mean... some are obviously self serving ( Ruger / Beretta...Family, Sons of, and American Guns ), but others really do inform and entertain.

Do you guys watch any of these shows !?

If so, which ones do you prefer...?!

Which ones do you hate...?!

And why...?!

bang bang
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I watched sons of guns, I believe. The red jacket guys. I liked the show till it was made obvious the crap was scripted and fake drama added. Can't find anything real anymore.

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I watch American Guns, Sons of Guns, Ted Nuget, and Top Shot. I catch a few others here and there, but they are hard to catch some times when the wife has the remote :eek:

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Top Shot,,,Three Gun Nation,,,oh and the classics,, The Rifleman,,, Rawhide,, Tombstone and anything with Clint Eastwood in it,,just sayin :rolleyes:

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I don't watch any on a regular basis but if I happen to see on the guide that Impossible shots is on then I'll tune in and sometimes Ted Nugent: Spirit of The Wild. I watch more hunting shows than gun shows. I also have the timer set on "daily" for Cam And Company.
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