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I favor 1911's in 45 ACP but I've been looking for a SA-35 to show up locally for well over a year and finally a week ago my LGS had one on the shelf......$649.99+ tx.

I own several 1911's (one of which is a SA stainless 5" Mil-Spec) and revolvers but this is first time that I've ever owned anything chambered in 9mm so to feed the new gun I ordered a case of Magtech 124 gr. ammo from Sgammo and it arrived yesterday.

1000 Round Case - 9mm Luger 124 Grain FMJ Ammo by Magtech - 9B | SGAmmo.com

I know from reading that the early guns had extraction problems.....my gun is in the low 10,000 serial number range so I'm hoping that the problem was resolved prior to mine.

Looking forward to shooting the new SA-35 and to being on the forum.

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Welcome to the forum 1911A1. Looking forward to hearing about your first range session along with your thoughts and impressions on your SA-35.
Thank you for your service.
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