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Eye Protection

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What does everyone here use for eye protection at the gun range...?!

I use these...Howard Leight Lightweight Genesis Uvex Shooting Glasses

Engineered to deliver unsurpassed comfort, protection & style. Cushioned "brow bumpers" absorb & diffuse impact. Nasal "soft fingers" conform to nose bridge.

Exceeds ANSI Z98 & CSA high-velocity impact tests & meets military V standard for impact protection. The amber tint helps to brighten
the view of the target and surrounding area, especially in low-light situations...
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Are they rated for ballistic encounters Haugrdr...?
Not sure...but I look good in them.
...and that's all that matters Rick !! :cool:
Alright...I can't find the smilies. I know I left them around here somewhere.....
Go advanced when you edit...
I found them...almost right where I left them. :p

The smilies function only shows in "Post Reply" and doesn't show in "Quick reply."
Still a few bugs for Austin to work out...I'm sure he's on it !!
It takes time.
With 20:400 vision, I need my glasses. My SIL suggested Cocoons. I like the a lot. They fit comfortably over my regular glasses.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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