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Hello all, just shot my brand new Hellcat micro OSP yesterday. Living in CA, this was a massive accomplishment to be able to find one of these not being a cop. It's a lot snappier than I expected but shot great nonetheless and I didn't have any malfunctions. I kept shooting to the left with it but it must have just been me because my shooting partner was able to shoot straight with it no prob. (My excuse to get a red dot for it.) The trigger feels pretty much identical to a Glock 19/Glock 26. The photo below is after 50 rounds of regular Winchester 115gr FMJ target ammo. You are looking at the rear left slide rail. The front left isn't as bad but has some wear on it too. Front right rail also has some wear.

Just curious if this is a normal amount of wear after only 50 rounds (gun was properly lubed). Would appreciate if anyone could post a photo of their rails with their approximate round count.


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Hello! I have an original Hellcat (non-OSP version), which was purchased new and as yet has never been hot fired (have some medical issues so could not get to range). This Hellcat was dry fired over 300 times and the wear is identical to what you have. Wanted to include my photo but am a newbe to this forum so i don't know how to do it. I also have an order Glock G19.5 which was hot and dry fired hundred of times and i see no such wear anywhere. So, not sure if this is something to worry about or not. What will be the wear after 500 hot fires? Also, i had a major issue with the trigger where if there was any side pressure on the trigger, it was not possible to pull it no matter how much force was exerted. With help from folks on the web, i followed instructions and that issue is now resolved. Many thanks for your post.
Have a great and safe day Sir.
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