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Since recently I've been doing some pretty hot loading, I've been running into a lot of nonsense about this or that powder eroding forcing cone, top strap, or cylinder face.

Well, to a first approximation, faster means higher pressure, higher pressure means higher temperature, and higher temperature means more erosion in an erosive atmosphere.

Shooters of very powerful rifles know that they can shoot out a barrel pretty quickly at max loads (An old Springfield rifle will last 4 times longer shooting at 2600fps vs 2900fps). It's much less a property of a specific powder than the inevitable result of loading for maximum flash and bang.

Different kinds of steel will resist erosion better than others. 17-4PH stainless, which is what FA revolvers are made of, is not just super strong, but is highly resistant to erosion.

And remember, not all steel of a given grade (steel formulations are referred to as 'grades') is heat treated to the same condition (the result of a standard heat treatment is called a 'condition', with an associated strength), and counterfeit high grade steels are common (lots of forged steel seen at the hardware store is really cast iron from India). One reason to stick with known manufacturers.
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