EMP4 9mm Contour

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    I would also after reading your reply have taken a coil or two of the magazine springs. That was an issue with my XD, a bitch to load without using a speed loader, as the springs were tight and 2 coils off fixed the issue. Looking at your target that is an excellent group, well done. However if you are aiming at 6 O'clock, not good. So you are saying at 8 yards it is shooting 12 " high? The red fiber optic at times stops shooters from keeping the front sight in the middle of the rear sight, not to allow it to be level with the top of the rear sight. The black top above the front red fiber optic must be what is level with the top of the rear sight.
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    I replaced my sights with a Dawson Precision fully adjustable rear. Novak cut on the slide. It’s been a few years, and I don’t remember if I also replaced my front sight. I believe that I left the original front on. But, what a difference it makes to be able to zero right in on your POA.
    I just checked, back in 2017, I ordered just the adj rear sight. $55.00
    Great investment!

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    I did get the gun back from Springfield and they polished the feedramp and contoured the chamber and I have had zero issues with any JHP round. I haven't shot it much but have dry fired it a ton and it is a nice pistol for sure. I really like the gun but not sure I want to carry it and what I am going to use it for if I dont use it as EDC.