EMP3 becoming hard to rack

Discussion in 'Springfield Armory EMP' started by drwatson48, Nov 23, 2020.

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    I have had my EMP3 since March 2, 2018. As many of us EMP3 owners, I had to send it to Customer Service (CS) early on due to mid-feeds, shells not ejecting after firing, and several other problems. CS fixed all my problems, and the pistol has been very reliable since.
    But now it is really difficult to rack. It takes a tremendous amount of effort. Does any other EMP3 owner has this issue? I keep it very clean, and always clean it after firing it, and properly lubed.
    Just thought I'd see if I may hear something that will help.
    Thank you for listening,
    Robert Watson
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  2. Voltaire

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    What recoil spring is in it? 11Lb 13? more? Did CS replace the recoil spring. If you cock the pistol before racking it is that easier? The main spring is also named hammer spring by some and the recoil spring is the only 2 items that make racking hard that i can think of.

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    I haven't had the exact problem you are having, but I did change my grips and put the Pearce rubber finger grooves on mine. Right after that, my slide was very tight and kinda hard to rack. I then took it to the range and sent 100 rounds or so through it, came home and cleaned it, and now it is smooth as butter again. Go figure, because nothing else changed. Did you change your grips, screws, lube, grease, anything else prior to this tightness?