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2023 EMP Ronin 9 mm
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New here I did search but did not find an answer.
When I load the 9th round in the mag it is very hard and have to really slam the mag into gun and then difficult to rack slide and 2 rounds try to load at the same time. Needless to say very difficult to get mag out when this happens but even if I put the mag in with 9 rounds and don't rack the slide it is very difficult to get the mag back out.
Also should the plunger automatically retract when re assembling and putting the slide stop back in?
Thanks so much for helping a new 1911 owner!!馃榾

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My Ronin is a .45 and has no mag problems like you're experiencing. I also have an original EMP 9mm that works just fine with the mags and 10 rounds. I've had some 1911 style weapons that are a little tricky getting the slide stop back in because of the plunger and others that are no trouble. Most of the time, with the tricky ones, I take a small tool and push the plunger in when reassembling. This minimizes the chances of scratching the frame. You can also come up with the slide stop from just beneath the plunger and it will snap in, but you have to be careful with the scratching issue. You can find videos on Youtube showing this method. Let us know what Springfield says and does to your weapon and if that fixed the issue.
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